Cafe de Data (Data Coffee)

learning guide by Gabriela Rodriguez

Goals and Values
What were your activity’s community goals? Get people to learn skills and make projects together (civic tech, using open data)
What do individual participants get out of the activity? skills

What You Need For This Activity
Who can participate?: (ages) everybody
What resources are necessary? space, regular meeting time, a projector, computers
How long does it take? 2 hours, once a month
Describe the places and social context that this project is amenable to:
Montevideo, Uruguay

How to Do This Activity
Preparation: Look for a person to run the workshop
Recruitment: Used and twitter
The process of the activity itself: Specific people in each meetup share something and then we discuss or work together
How participants shared what they did: and
Post-activity-follow-up: There are projects coming out of there
What would you do differently? Reach to specific groups in universities, schools, others

Background and Context
Contact: gaba AT

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