Open Source Feminism: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

learning guide by Vanessa Gennarelli

Anyone can edit Wikipedia—but less than 10 percent of people who actually do edit the world’s largest encyclopedia are women. At this event, people of all genders can learn how to edit Wikipedia for the very first time or put their existing open source skills to use in the company of nerdy friends.

We’ll be focusing on adding and improving the entries for queer and feminist artists and writers. Have someone in mind whose Wikipedia entry you’d like to work on!

If you’re coming, try to bring a laptop.

Goal: become familiar with the basics of editing Wikipedia, while editing the page of someone you admire.


  1. Create Wikipedia account
  2. Learn basics of HTML
  3. Edit 3 citations
  4. Engage an editor and fellow contributor
  5. Improve 2 articles

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Based on Feminist Wikipedia-a-thon, CC-BY

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