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Co-Design A Civic Learning Course

This 1-3 hour workshop invites high school students to develop civics coursework for their school built around specific civic technologies that already exist. Andover Students from high school students’ visit to the MIT Center for Civic Media, photos by Alex Anderlik Goals and Values What were your activity’s community goals? (could be as simple as getting participants to show up, or demonstrate the value of collective creativity, or a particular goal for impacting your community) For the

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Trash Olympics

 The Trash Olympics project engages young people in the design and implementation of neighborhood games involving garbage cleanup.   (learning guide by Leo Burd) Goals and Values What were your activity’s community goals?  Reflect about and raise awareness (of kids and adults) to garbage-related issues that affect their neighborhood Do something to improve the existing situation Provide kids with a voice (note: this is a project that has been conceived/idealized by young people themselves based

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